Cagemans Blog of Musical Joy :D

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This is, what I like to hear, when everywhere in between, and when here.. hear.. here.. hear. It makes me feel.. fear.. feel.. no, no fear. no fear. no fear! Enjoy good music here.. hear.. Ignore this, ignorance is bliss.

A spacey weird song I made together with The Kooyboys. It’s about nothing and psycho hobgoblins who are the boss of the forest. Enjoy!

Good sludge metal by Kongh. Kind of Mastodonish and very gritty.

An ambient piece with a dark atmosphere I made recently. Enjoy :)

An instrumental doomy song I made :)

I just discovered this band. Good progressive metal. Touches of the Middle East here and there.

Atmospheric goodness by Blut Aus Nord. From their latest LP Cosmosophy I just got for a while. Now I need the previous 2 LP from the trilogy as well!


Nick “The Pedal Master” Reinhart.
This is fucking cool.

Not really a kind of music I love.. but technically this is so good and weird!

Weird but good punklike gypsy music! The Barons of Tang. Just found this. Really enjoyable, especially when you like Diablo Swing Orchestra, Sigh, Primus or Gogol Bordello.

New Tame Impala LP is very spacious. 

Diablo Swing Orchestra! Best uncommon blend of styles I’ve ever heard. Listen to songs by them when it’s winter and you’re sad. This will bring some weird kind of happiness in your life again.

Short, but extremely powerfull death metal song by The Black Dahlia Murder. Great and fast; good to wake up to.

Doom. Great.

Really great and hypnotic song by Farflung. Psychedelic stoner done best If you ask me. Enjoying this before going to sleep really works.

The new Witchcraft: ‘70 production style gone, less undergroundish overall riffs, still great mysterical vocals and overall epicness. This song is called Dystopia, from the new album Legend. :)